generator services 

ETEX Power Solutions handles generator needs large & small

We understand the range of needs that come from owning a generator, especially for businesses and homes that require specific care. We specialize in handling multiple aspects from generator maintenance, new and used generators, generator installation,  generator repair, load banking, size checks, parts and even free consultations on all generators. No matter what you need out of a unit, we are dedicated to your business whether you are in Tyler TX, Arkansas, Oklahoma, or Louisiana.

Generator Maintenance

Because generators of any size are no small expense, you should provide attention and care to your unit. We have preventative generator maintenance contracts to determine annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly service. When we maintain your generator, we prepare for all the seasons, watch for rust and corrosion, inspect & adjust, and much more.

New & Used Generators

We sell new and used Cummins generators of all sizes from portable units to large industrial systems. If you are curious about differences in generator types such as ones that provide prime power, standby power, or continuous duty, we have comprehensive knowledge and can assist you with any questions. Please take a look at our Products page to learn more about the generators and parts we sell.

Generator Installation

Federal and state laws require very specific generator settings for certain types of businesses, especially in the medical field. We meticulously study regulations for all kinds of businesses to properly install and maintain your unit according to code.

Generator Repairs

When the backup power supply you have loses power, it is more than an inconvenience. It could bring your company's production to a halt. Our company will travel to the site of your generator any time, day or night, to repair your unit so you can get back to business. We are on call for 24 hour emergency generator repairs in Tyler, TX.

Load Banking

Running day-to-day operations can be tricky when general functionality testing is needed. With our load banking service, we can hook up a load bank to your generator to test it and make sure your unit is running efficiently in all its aspects — without shutting down your power. This device also allows us to effortlessly pinpoint any generator issues by slowly adjusting the power level.

Size Check

Sometimes businesses have a generator that is too powerful for their operations. Other times they have a generator that is not substantial enough for the power demands. We can size-check your commercial grade generator to see if it meets your commercial needs by examining how much power electrical equipment draws out. We are located in Tyler, TX and serve the greater East Texas community of businesses.

Free consultations

In addition to free on-site consultations in East Texas, we can often help with simple troubleshooting over the phone. Simply provide us with the serial and/or model number on your generator. Sometimes all it takes is a quick restart and we are more than happy to help you with that free of charge. You can also call us to get a second opinion regarding your unit.